Nolan N-Com Bluetooth Intercom System

The N-Com Intercom Bluetooth configuration allows two helmets - equipped with the Basic Kit2 System (or Basic Kit) plus the Bluetooth Kit2 - to communicate in wireless intercom, thanks to the Bluetooth wireless technology.
Each helmet can remain connected to a different Bluetooth mobile phone to manage the phone calls or can be connected to a GPS with Bluetooth in order to receive directions.
The Bluetooth Kit2 system support the A2DP profile (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which allows you to listen to a music player (or mobile phone) provided with the A2DP Bluetooth profile in high quality stereo mode (note: when listening to an A2DP player, it is NOT possible to maintain the wireless intercom connection).
Moreover, the system can be expanded with the Multimedia Wire accessory, which allows the connection to multimedia sources such as CD or MP3 players, radios, (equipped with 3,5 mm stereo output use Multimedia X Wire), GPS Navigators or Bike-to-Bike Communication Radio.

  • Intercom volume control direct from each helmet.
  • Possibility of connecting or disconnecting the passenger directly from the helmet, from each helmet
  • Possibility of connecting a Bluetooth Mp3 player (equipped with A2DP profile)
  • AVRCP profile installed, which allows the control of the A2DP Mp3 player directly from the helmet (Play, Pause, Stop and Skip functions)
  • Possibility of connection up to a maximum of 2 audio sources, one for each helmet, using the Multimedia Wire
  • "Mute" function de-activating the microphones, thus allowing good sound quality without interference from the wind
  • For both helmets, connection to another helmet equipped with N-Com Bluetooth Kit2 and to a Bluetooth mobile phone always active
  • Possibility of connecting/disconnecting the Bluetooth mobile phone directly from the helmet
  • Volume control of the phone conversation directly from the helmet
  • Automatic interruption of the intercom system and of the sound source during a phone conversation
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • "Flat battery" indicated by acoustic and visual signal
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